“Some Gospel Songs Will Make You Angry… They Sing For Cash” – Gospel Musician


pro kofi abrahamVeteran gospel musician, Professor Kofi Abraham has disclosed that gospel musicians today rush in writing and recording songs. He told Christian Agyei Frimpong on TV3-owned radio station, 95.1 that during his days, gospel musicians rehearsed well at home before going to the studio to record their songs but it does not happen with current musicians.

“We used to rehearse very well at home before we go to the studio for recording because if you do not do that and you make mistakes whilst recording, you have to start all over again but gospel musicians today enter the studio and start recording not thinking about the mistakes they will make during the recording session. If they make mistakes, the engineer assures them of correcting it when working on the final product so they continue from where the mistake was committed. Technology has made things easy for these musicians”

He continued that some gospel musicians lack lyrics. According to him, most gospel musicians fail to voice out what they are singing which makes it difficult in listening to gospel songs of today.

“Before God and man, lyrics in some songs will make you put your TV off when they appear on it because you will not hear them well. You will not hear what they are saying in the songs but during our time, we were vocal”

Prof. Kofi Abraham also accused gospel musicians of singing for money instead of saving souls for Christ with their songs.

“We didn’t know money during our time. All what we knew was to sing the song and win souls for Christ and that is not to say we did not need money but music in my days was not for monetary sake.

Gospel musicians today think it is all about money so that is their aim anytime they are recording songs. Our songs used to heal the sick but songs of today do not do that. They all know money is in the industry so they are into for that reason.”

Source: celebritytvgh.com