The Art of Licking Your Wife – Auntie B Shares Experience With Mama Zimbi (Video)


auntie b.jpg1By now you know what Akumaa Mama Zimbi does on TV so there is no need of saying a lot about it . Mama Zimbia makes TV very fun anytime she kicks off her “Odo Ahumaso” show. She educates the public on certain things many people will not easily talk about when it comes to making your partner happy in bed. Many Ghanaians feel shy talking about such things so hey keep quiet and secretly listen to it whenever somebody decides to talk about it.

In one of the episodes of Mama Zimbi’s shows, she talked  about how men will make their women happy in bed. Mama Zimbi with the help of her guests talked more about how men will go down their wives very well and use their tongues over there  in order to taste, moisten, or clean it very well.

Auntie B, wife of the late comic actor, Bob Santo said it is very important to go down your wife in order to make her happy.

Mama Zimbi said it takes an expert to know how to make her wife happy. Enjoy the footage below