This Is Why Mzbel Said Attacked Okreku Mantey And Called Him “Kwasia”


Learn Before You Insult Me – Mzbel Hits Back At Critics In This VideoOn Thursday, singer Mzbel attacked Chief Executive Officer of Slip Music, Mark Okraku-Mantey over a comment he made about her career on Hitz FM. Many did not understand why Mzbel angrily used certain words to insult the Programs manager for Hitz FM. According to a report, Mark Okreku before Mzbel’s insult said the “16 years” singer’s talent is weak.

Okreku Mantey was quoted to have said on Hitz FM’s Daybreak Hitz Thursday morning that, “Mzbel’s talent has also been seen by me as weak. She always used physique which is not bad in selling but if the product which is her song is not there, we give you away. It is because the product has neglected her. Some people had said worst things about Mzbel years ago but she didn’t complain because her songs were hit,”

Mzbel after Mark’s comments took to instagram to say

Someone please tell Okraku Mantey to STFU! If no one ever heard me complain abt how my image and name was being tarnished till now it’s because then, there was no platform to do so not because I was enjoying it WTF! Where is the 4kin AMAZING songstress Okraku Mantey launched into the industry years back? Why is he not comparing me to her? Is she deceased? Honestly I totally lost all the respect I have for u Okraku and am calling u Kwasia! That is not a pleasant insult but I hope u enjoy it and Keep mute cos it’s going to bring u a lot of publicity as u claim! #Mzbel #MzbelMusic


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