#ThrowBackThursday Video: Nkasei – Tuabodom


nkaseiThis song was a mega hit many years ago. I remember the controversy which surrounded this particular son, “Tuabodom” after its release. Few weeks after the song was released by Nkasei, the people of Tuabodom and Jenijeni became very furious because they thought the song was disgracing their town.

This issue trended for many months because residence from both towns thought Nkasei has brought shame to their beloved town. It even got to a time people wanted the song to be banned but I do not know how that one ended. Some people also threatened court actions over this song so that Nkasei will be in trouble but all of these things could not stop this song from getting airplay.

It rather made the song more popular. Enjoy Nkasei’s Tuabodom below:


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