Video: Getting Personal With Yvonne Nelson – She Explains Why She Blocks People On Twitter & MORE


Yvonne Nelson  has finally explained why she is the ‘blocking queen’ on social media.  In her vlog for, Getting Personal with YN, she revealed that she blocks people  on Twitter and Instagram because she hates negativity.

She said: ‘On Twitter, if I see anything negative on my time-line, I will just block you; I wouldn’t even reply. I hate negativity…, If I see you on my time-line and you mention my name and you mention me and say anything negative, I will not think about it two seconds but to block you. So don’t come to my time-line and act or say anything negative.

She added, “Sometimes, I see some comment about my bleaching and I just laugh… other times people just want to attack you and bully you on social media and I’ll block you.”

Yvonne also gave tips on dos and donts on social media, saying that people should not show too much of their personal life on social media.  She added”‘don’t show your boyfriends on social media, people will steal him from you’!”


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