Video: Irene Logan’s Heartfelt Reaction To Xenophobia


The xenophobic attacks in South Africa has raged like a wild fire, devouring foreign blacks from Durban to Johannesburg. Many people have joined the clarion call to stop the attacks, but no appeal has been as heart felt as Irene Logan’s recent video message.

The “I fell in love with the devil” singer recounted her migration from liberia during the civil war and wonders what would have happened if Ghanaians where xenophobic. She further called for a boycott of south African businesses, in other to pressurize the SA government to act swiftly on the matter.

Irene Logan announced that she had cancelled her scheduled video shoot in South Africa as she wishes to stay away from xenophobia. The vocalist also called on her fans to X xenophobia and for all celebrities to use their voices as a medium for change