Video: Juliet Ibrahim Reveals 5 Things You Didn’t Know About Her, Number 4 Will Shock You


juliet ibrahimIt is very hard to know certain things about Ghanaian celebrities because they do not give chance for people to get closer to them. They are mostly seen on TV or public places which will not allow their fans to get to know everything about them.

Beautiful Ghanaian actress Juliet Ibrahim has decided to tell the world some secrets about her personal life. Juliet Ibrahim in the video below gives five things her fans never knew about her. According to Juliet, she doesn’t smoke neither does she drink even though she likes partying a lot. The actress in the video below said she likes going out to chill a  lot but hardly will you see her drink or smoke.

She said a lot of things including what she usually does whenever she is angry. She gave an example of trying to kill sometime ago when she got angry to the extreme – that was the number four secret she told about herself.

Watch the video below to know more about Juliet Ibrahim.



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