Video: Michelle Williams Performs “Say Yes” With Beyonce And Kelly Rowland At Stellar Awards


Destiny’s Child members reunited for this year’s Stellar Awards and their performance at the show was awesome.  Comments son YouTube will kill you about this performance Michelle Williams, Kelly Roland and Beyonce exhibited.

Some say Beyonce tried very hard not to outshine the other two colleagues because she is the best among them all. Some people were also pleading that the three come together as Destiny’s Child again and produce a last album. We don’t know if these three great artistes will read the comments and do as their fans want.

What can say is that their performance was very nice. Beyonce is not just good at secular music, she really did well singing gospel.

From R&B Destiny’s Child, we present to you Michelle Williams, Kelly Roland and Beyonce performing “Say Yes” at Stellar Awards


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