Video: Musician Turned Pastor, Papa Shee Meets Angel Face To Face, Watch Their Communication


papa sheeI hope you have not forgotten Papa Shee so soon because he was one of the best highlife musicians in the country some years ago. He is now a pastor – Oh yes he is preaching the word of God trying to win souls for the Kingdom.

Papa Shee in one of his sermons in America narrated to his congregation what an Angel told him when they met. According to his words, the Angel advised him to stop preaching in the queen’s language and use any dialect he can express himself very well.

He stated that, he had a knack for making mistakes with the English Language and he used to attach so much ‘yo-yo’ to his preaching.

Paape Shee is best remembered for songs like “Atadwe” “Adie No Nti” and many other hit songs which topped charts many years ago.

Watch Papa Shee preach in the video below:



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