Video: No Tribe’s Electrifying Performance 2015 Ghana Music Awards


2015 Ghana Music Awards had lots of exciting performances  from the artistes who were billed for the show. The group really controlled the crowd when they hit stage to perform.

Their act was just great! I’m not that surprised because gospel artistes are always the best when it comes to live band performances.

No Tribe controlled the crowd like they’ve been given toddlers to lead at assembly grounds. They knew how to control the crowd and gave them the song when necessary. Their energy on stage, we cannot finish talking about it.

What made the crowd go crazy was the time Nacy stood behind the fontomfrom to play whilst his counterpart showered appellations on God.

It seems I’m worrying myself to paint a good picture about what the group led by Nana Kweku Osei also known as NACEE did at the Ghana Music Awards which happened on 11 April 2015 at the Accra International Conference Center whilst the video is right here for you to watch.

Enjoy the video:



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