Video: Singer Adomaa Releases Animation Short Film “Once Upon A Time”


Video: One on One with Singer AdomaaI actually like the way the management of this upcoming singer, Adomaa are branding her. She started her singles with the cover of popular songs in Ghana and Nigeria and she didn’t fail.

The videos that came with the songs were well edited and directed to make the brand “Adomaa” solid. Now the beautiful Ghanaian female singer is back with a whole new idea.

Instead of releasing another mashup of popular songs as she she has been doing for long, she gives Ghanaians an animated short film.

Adomaa is popularly known for “Baafira-Adonai” mashup song. This animated video below is “Once Upon A Time”, a Ghanaian animation story of strength and love with the voice talent of Adomaa.



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