Video: Watch 2015 Movie Of Late Actors Guild President Eddie Coffie


Ghanaians woke up on Friday, October 30 morning to hear that veteran actor Eddie Coffie has passed on. the Reverend minister before his death was the president of Ghana Actors Guild. According to Gilbert Coffie, the second born of the late actor, he died at the Ridge Hospital in Accra.

Gilbert in a chat with Amanda Jissih on Friday afternoon said his father who died at age 56 left behind three children. According to him, his late father was rushed to the Ridge Hospital on Sunday after passing out and had since not opened his eyes till Friday that he was pronounced dead.

Gilbert told Amanda Jissih that he will miss his father who passed on 6:30 Friday morning for “his random conversations. You hardly hear him talk but he will just start a conversation from anywhere and start talking to you.” gives you a 2015 movie of the late Eddie Coffie. Enjoy “My Taxi Soul 1 & 2” which also features Eddie Watson, Martha Ankomah, Kalsum Sinare, Bibi Bright and many other actors.



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