Watsup TV Host, Maudlyn Arday Goes Wild In These Photos


Maudlyn Arday_DSC0428She is new on TV but she has won the hearts of many who watch Viasat 1 TV. Maudlyn Arday, host of entertainment TV show, Watsup TV on Viasat 1 puts her beauty on display for the public to know that she is naturally beautiful.

Maud as her close friends call her just make TV presentation easy and nice to watch when she comes on screens every Saturday afternoon at 2:30 pm to educate, entertain and inform the public.

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If you think she is just beautiful on screens, then check her out in these new promo photos. Maudlyn Arday is not mysteriously attractive only on TV but even in her photos.

Enough of the long talks, Maud has brought something hot to the table so lets have a taste of it.

Maudlyn Arday_DSC0427 Maudlyn Arday_DSC0428 Maudlyn Arday_DSC0432 Maudlyn Arday_DSC0436 Maudlyn Arday_DSC0440 Maudlyn Arday_DSC0447 Maudlyn Arday_DSC0450 Maudlyn Arday_DSC0451 Maudlyn Arday_DSC0459 Maudlyn Arday_DSC0470 Maudlyn Arday_DSC0472 Maudlyn Arday_DSC0477


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