Wedding Girl, Selly Reveals All The Secret About Her Relationship With Cartel Big J (Video)


selly gally cartel big jGhana’s rep to Big Brother Africa reality show in South Africa, Selly Gally was on the hot seat of Delay before she married.

We all know how Delay goes about her interview just to get the exclusives. This interview with Selly was not exceptional. Delay really drilled Selly who recently married Cartel Big. According to Selly, she has been dating Cartel Big formerly of Praye group for many years.

She also talked about her stay at the Big Brother house all the way in in South Africa. Selly was also asked to tell the world what she saw in Nando during her stay in the house.

The two ladies had a nice talk on “The Delay Show”.

Enjoy the video below:


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