Will You Play? John Dumelo To Launch His Own Game – Watch Video


Video: John Dumelo Talks More About ‘Dumsor’ On ‘Melo Moments’I have not set my eyes on any Ghanaian celebrity who has developed an app game to enable his fans or the world enjoy. Ghanaian handsome actor, John Dumelo has developed a game which will be released soon.

An article posted on his Facebook page said:

In another first of its kind, Ghanaian actor John Dumelo has revealed he would soon release an Android and iOS based game. The adventure game would likely feature him as the main character. Having already chalked good success in other industries apart from the acting industry the movie star appears to be making a foray into uncharted territory.
Asked about what the concept of the game is he without wanting to take the wind out of our sails revealed that it would be an adventure game that tells a story as you play on. He revealed it could take up to six months or a year to finish playing all the levels of the game. The unique thing about this game is that it is set in cosmopolitan Accra, Nigeria and other parts of Africa. One can therefore see many of the iconic structures that define some cities in Africa. This he believes would give users a game they can relate to.
John Dumelo has also revealed that the game would be a free game that both Android and iOS phones can find on their app stores when it becomes available. Asked about what inspired this latest venture he explained that since gaming is getting stronger and stronger as a means of entertainment for many people it makes sense for him as an entertainer to use that medium to tell a story that people love, to him gaming is another medium of expressing art; just like acting or music.
John is showing bold vision by looking at a unique angle that no celebrity in Ghana and Africa has yet explored. The over 3 million fans he has on Facebook could come in handy in downloading this game. He has promised to give further details about the storyline of the game in coming weeks.
Game development is a very expensive venture which is probably the reason why a lot of it is not done in Africa, maybe John has revealed that he would allow a few brand placements in there to boast brands in Ghana, Nigeria and other cities. Being an entrepreneur this should be something he is willing to do.
AYA. The adventure never ends…..

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