Xclusive Video: The Good, Bad And Worst Performers At 2015 Back In The Day Concert


batch_IMG_01362015 Back In The Day Concert organised by Empire Entertainment brought down Sisqo and his Dru Hill team from USA. The group did not disappoint Ghanaians from the very first second they stepped on stage till they delivered their lasts song. They gave Ghanaians great performances to satisfy their needs.

Before Sisqo and his Dru Hill team arrived on stage, many Ghanaian artistes had come to perform. Scizo, Asaase Aba, Dasebre Dwamena, Nana Quame, Obour, Akatakyie and others were some of the few acts from Ghana who also did their best to entertain the audience who paid cash to be at the Accra international Conference Center on the December 19 night.

Now lets take a closer look at who did well and who was bad on the night. I’ve already commented on Sisqo and his Dru Hill tam’s performance so I will not worry you again with lots of words on them, their act was just great!

The man who stole the night according to my eye is MUSIGA president, Obour. Before Dru Hill was Obour whose entry to the stage blew the mind of all who had gathered at the event ground. Obour’s entry, energy on stage, acrobatics, dance formation with his dancers added life to the event. Veteran highlife artiste, AB Crentsil despite his condition also joined Obour to make his act complete. Obour was just something else on the night.

Before him was Akatakyie who resurrected the ‘dead’ show. Akatakyie were the only artistes who had their single song repeated because the crowd enjoyed that particular song. So away from Akatakyie, two dancers were on stage to give us some back int he day dance moves and they also performed better than many of the other musicians.

I think Dasebre Dwamena was worst artiste on the night. Aside his costume on the night which is nothing to write home about, he was boring on stage. Scizo, Nana Quame, Asaase Aban and others were OK to watch. They did nothing extraordinary on the night for us to enjoy as compared to Akatakyie, Obour and Sisqo and his Dru Hill group.

Andy Dosty and Nii Ayi Tagoe also energized the auditorium with their skills. Both took us back into time to enjoy the good old tunes that we have not heard for ages.

Attendance at the event was normal. Watch Highlights below


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